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  • Woofability Plane Pull:

    We are participating in an exciting, new opportunity for us, The Dorset Plane Pull! We are looking for twenty-six eager and determined volunteers to help Woofability compete against a variety of other charities. The task […]

  • “Whiskey” and “Marco” help children with Down’s Syndrome

    Golden Retrievers Whiskey and Marco have been placed with children residing in Wiltshire named Ethan and Poppy, who both have Down’s Syndrome. Having a dog in the family provides comfort and focus for the children but also means […]

  • Woofability supporting children with Autism

    2015 sees Woofability providing dogs to help children with Autism. Our first dog to be placed with an Autistic child is CJ, who is working with 8 year old Phoebe. Her mum, Katie,  says, “Life before CJ was […]