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  • Banksey, Barney and Finley doing some collecting! Sally and Peter, Barney, Finley and Banksey at collection

    A few days ago, some of our wonderful assistance dogs helped us raise some money at a collection! One of these four-legged friends was one of our puppies, Banksey! He, alongside his friends (and fellow […]

  • Puppy Update: Sandy

    Here is a special look at one of our gorgeous puppies, Sandy! Sandy is currently fifteen weeks old, and already has been on loads of adventures! From being all smiley on the beach, relaxing in […]

  • Woofability Garden Party is a Massive Success

    We are very happy to announce that on July 2nd 2016, Woofability were proudly represented at our annual garden party! It was a fantastic event, with an excess of over one hundred people coming to […]