Doreen lives in a Synergy Housing Assisted Living complex in a specially adapted ground floor flat. When we first met her she said that she loved her flat but it was very lonely because the residents did not socialise (a common problem in Warden Assisted and Sheltered accommodation). The dining room was hardly used and the lounge was often empty.


Since “Caddy” arrived, Doreen has got to know many of her neighbours; she also visits the local park twice a day to meet a new circle of doggy friends and shops in the local supermarket with her assistance dog. The dining room is used by many more residents and the lounge is a great social centre. Although Caddy lives with Doreen, who is now much healthier and self motivated, he has improved the lives of 40+ residents and staff. As a result of this success, we have placed “Pebbles” in another Synergy complex in Wimborne where he is having the same effect.