Emma is 9 and suffers from Autism, severe anxiety and has 40 epileptic absences each day. She has great difficulty in leaving the security of her own home and has been excluded from school because of her anxiety.

We visited her with our Golden Retriever “Maxwell” who is particularly calm and ideally suited to support Emma. During our first visit, we took Emma to her local Asda Superstore which she had been unable to visit for several years and her father was amazed at how she coped for 25 minutes with no adverse reaction.

The following day Maxwell visited school with Emma for just half an hour when all of the teachers came to see her and then went to Costa Coffee and McDonalds where she had never been able to go previously.

Emma’s parents still cannot believe the difference in Emma’s ability to cope with the outside world and she hasn’t had any epileptic absences, her school is now arranging for Emma to restart and to take Maxwell with her to the delight of her teachers and fellow students. The family have now arranged to go on holiday for the first time in years as Emma, her parents and younger sister are able to embark on a more “normal” lifestyle.

Update; Emma’s Inclusion Officer has successfully negotiated for her to take Maxwell into school and she is now attending for an hour and a half every day.