2013 was a great year for our new partnerships!

2013 was a massive year for Woofability. Not only did we manage to place 14 dogs with new partners, including two children,  we are planning to place a further 15 during 2014.Founder, Jenny Clarke, says, “Seeing how many benefits our dogs have brought to our partners makes our hard work over the past four years worthwhile. It has been a pleasure to work with our large team of volunteers who have spent many hours helping our dogs to enjoy as many life experiences as possible and become wonderful assistance dogs. Our partners have told us how they have overcome physical difficulties and being lonely thanks to the help of our dogs. We shall be running a newsboard for our partners later in 2014 so that they can let everybody know about their experiences with Woofability.”

Twiggy is our Patron!

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce that Supermodel “Twiggy Lawson” has agreed to be our Patron!

Twiggy met our Twiggy at a photoshoot in London and was so impressed with our work that she offered to become our Patron. Not only that, but she is generously helping to sponsor “Boggle”, who is one of our latest recruits. Founder Jenny Clarke says, “Having Twiggy on board is a fantastic opportunity for us to raise our profile. This will most certainly lead to Woofability being able to train more dogs for Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and Wiltshire residents. Twiggy is a very busy person and we are grateful for the time she is giving to our cause.”

More puppies being trained for chidren.

Three gorgeous black Labrador puppies have joined our team thanks to sponsorship from Children in Need. They are all enthusiastic, bright and bouncy! They all have very keen need to learn under the direction of Rod, our new trainer here at Woofability. Rod says, ” These are some of the brightest puppies I have ever met and they are learning so quickly! I am looking forward to watching them progress through their basic training during the next few months. We take them shopping regularly and they love the new experiences we are giving them.”