Happy Birthday to our Puppies!

A year ago today, our first litter of puppies was born! Happy birthday to Paddy, Spa, Arnie, Stevie, Molly, Haven, Banksey, Lucky, Jackson and JJ!

Samantha’s Abseil for Woofability

One of our wonderful Puppy Parents, Samantha, is going to be doing an abseil off of Orbital Tower! She is splitting the donations 50/50 to us and We Do Ethical Living. Please check out the Just Giving link down below to donate and help spread awareness! 

Puppy Parent for Miss Dorset 2017!

One of our fantastic puppy parents, Sam, is in the running to become Miss Dorset 2017! Voting ends on the 12th of March, so please follow the link down below and vote for her!

Captain hunting for wellies!

One of our wonderful socialisers took one of our Labrador Retriever pups, Captain, out on a hunt for some wellies! As you can see, he got a little bit tired and needed a rest!

Driver getting digging lessons!

Some of our puppies are placed with puppy parents that already have dogs, and Driver is no different! As you can see, he’s been getting digging lessons from Paddy, his newly adopted brother down at the beach!

Tia getting ready to board a train!

Tia, one of our community dogs, got to go on a train today! Here she is waiting patiently for it to arrive.